reflectionsAs 2014 draws to a close I’ve been reflecting on the “New Year Resolutions” that so many people make and break!

How often over the years have we heard, “oh I want to lose weight, go to the gym more”, or “I want to start a savings plan”, or “I want to travel more, earn more……….” I’m sure you get the picture and have heard it all before.

Well I prefer instead to reflect on the year that has been and take all the positive experiences that have happened. How often do we take the time to simply reflect on what has been?

But rather than just think about that, why not make a list? Write down in point form what your key positive experiences and achievements have been and how they came about.

This way you can build on it, remember and reflect on what great stuff you’ve done rather than the “I wish…”

I’ve been doing this for the past couple of years and what I’ve found is that each year when I go back and review what I have achieved it has been an enlightening experience. Providing a valuable list to reflect on and build upon and a great start to set my goals for the next year.

As a team at JBS we do this at each quarterly team workshop and especially at our annual planning retreat in January, it’s amazing how easily it is to forget all the great stuff and dwell on what has not been done.

By focusing on the results you just might be surprised at how much you have achieved when it’s all written all down!


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