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Womens Health and Fitness – Setting Financial Goals | January 2014
Financial Expert Jenny Brown offers tips on saving for a mortgage.  Watch the video



Womens Health and Fitness – Money-saving tips for 2014 | January 2014
Financial Expert Jenny Brown offers some simple ways to save money. It’s not as hard as you think!  Watch the video



Money Circle – Financial planning, it costs nothing to smile! | December 7, 2013
My journey into financial planning wasn’t the traditional “I loved figures” or “I wanted to make sure everyone was financially secure because I had a bad experience”  Read more about my story



WP TV – Know the power of social media | November 2013
AFA Adviser of the Year, Jenny Brown, on how she uses social media to increase client engagement.  Watch the video



Z-Express – Using the Fee Disclosure Statement as a marketing tool | November 2013
Jenny shares her tips on how to turn the required Fee Disclosure Statement into a must have marketing tool for clients. Check out her tips here



Financial Review – Is it time to sack your financial adviser? | November 20, 2013
Jenny was interviewed by Financial Review’s Jackie Pearson about the Future of Financial Advice (FoFA). She shows her passion for the industry and her drive to improve professionalism in the financial planning industry. Jenny covers the best way to tell whether you have a professional adviser who is prepared to act in your best. To read the entire article Click here.



The DunnThing – SMSF Podcast Show | November 2013
The dynamics and demographics of the self-managed super fund sector are changing at a fairly rapid rate. There are a growing number of new trustees, with 4 in every 10 now under the age of 45. Whilst more and more trustees are adopting a more self-directed approach to their retirement savings, this doesn’t mean people are reducing the level of engagement in obtaining professional advice. For those advisers doing it well, the level of engagement with new and existing clients is as high or if not higher than it’s ever been before.
Aaron Dunn interviewed me on the various engagement tactics, along with the growing role of engaging via social media. Click here for SMSF Podcast Show – Episode #5



FS Advice – Social Media, a way to make a difference | November 2013
As part of the 2012 Smiley’s “Digital Dozen” finalists I was asked about how social media can improve relationships with clients, and help find new ones. For the full article, click here.



Canstar – SMSF Case Studies, Why clients set up a SMSF | September 2013
In a Q&A with CANSTAR I explain how and why clients typically set up an SMSF. Check out the full article here



Humble Investors – Your Advice Hub | 2013 Ongoing

I am a contributing member of the Humble Investors website; a website with a simple goal: to be an advice hub. It provides financial planning information is a simple and easy to understand manner so everyone can understand and use.  Check out my articles here, including:


Don’t let your kids steal your retirement | November 18, 2013
Is a SMSF right for me? Q&A with Jenny Brown | June 25, 2013
Australian Budget 2013. What it means for Retirees | May 15, 2013
Kids cost so have a money plan | March 14, 2013
Men, Cars and the need for insurance | January 10, 2013
Retire Early in 4 Easy Steps | January 10, 2013



Financial Review – How Borrowing can grow your savings | March 13, 2013
I was a quoted in an article talking about SMSFs and borrowing. The article written by Alexandra Cain focused on the risks and benefits of borrowing within a SMSF particularly for the younger generation. Read the full article; How borrowing can grow your savings here



Risk Info – Conversation, Not Content is King on Social Media | January 22, 2013
The old marketing adage that ‘content is king’ does not apply when it comes to advisers on social media.  As an advocate for social media I am often asked why I do it and how it can be used in business, particularly within the financial planning process. Check out the tips – they work!  Read the full article here.



Distinctive Leadership Interview | April 2011
In April 2011 Jenny Brown was interviewed by Distinctive Leadership’s Julie Hyde for her Business Leadership Academy. The interview explored how Jenny built up JBS to it’s current model and structure, and how she tackles leadership with both growing her business and expanding her team.  Click here to hear the interview.



IFA Magazine – An advertisement for success | August 2010
IFA (Independent Financial Advisers) Magazine profiled Jenny, focusing on her savvy business skills and how she got to where she is today!  Click here to read the article


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