If you don’t ask, the answer is NO!

askSeveral years ago I was at a conference and the speaker made the point “If you don’t ask the answer is NO!”

This simple message has had a resounding impact on me ever since.

It’s interesting, so often we think we know what the answer will be, or assume that it won’t be what we want, we assume the outcome without really seeing what could be the result, it’s those negative thoughts that get the better of us. But did we actually ask the question, for the sale, for help, a new business venture or opportunity….. or was it just all in our heads?

After all what is the worst thing that can happen? They say no, but then again they just could say YES!

How many opportunities are passing us by?  How many Yes’s have we let go by not asking the question.

So are we playing a “safe” game or seeking to grow, learn and improve.

Next time you want to ask for help and that voice in your head says “but they’ll say no, so no point in asking” I challenge you to just do it.

Remember you have a 50% chance of getting a YES, you just might be surprised and if you don’t ask – then the answer is NO!


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