Do you know what you’re striving for?

GC Surf Board 2I love to walk along the beach when I get a chance, having a place down at Sorrento, on the Mornington Peninsula allows me to do this on a regular basis with my gorgeous Golden Retrievers, but rarely do I get to do it elsewhere as I always seem to be flying in and then back out again, with no time to myself.



However I was fortunate to spend a weekend up on the Gold Coast at Main Beach with my Mum not so long ago and our apartment was right on the beach.

So as is my custom I started out for a walk, on that morning heading north towards Southport. In the distance I noticed a bridge thingy and I say that because I had no idea what it was, but it was big enough to be seen from our balcony and as I was walking I thought it looked interesting.

GC pipe 2Now I was only planning to head out for about an hour, but this structure got the better of me so I kept walking. The further I got the more I thought, no this is too far and I need to turn back.

But as the voice in my head was saying that, my business, goal setting voice was saying, “you can do it”, “just focus on the end result”. So that’s exactly what I did, and in just over an hour I reached this construction, which as it turns out is the Southport Sand Pumping Jetty, an interesting construction just south of the spit.

By the time I got back some 2.5 hours later I was a little sore and tired, but what it did was remind me of how when you have a vision and strive to achieve it no matter how small or large, you really can do it.

Sometimes it is more difficult to start, but always it’s about planning and taking that first step. It is said that when you have your goals written down and review them regularly you are 2-3 times more likely to achieve them. Those in business who have documented business plans are generally 250% more profitable.

When did you last write down your goals, your vision? And when did you last review them?

Do you have a plan……


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