John de Zwart | Centrepont Alliance – Managing Director

The first thing you notice about Jenny is her bubbly, infectious personality. Jenny loves people and cares about all those around her. She is always constructive, looking for the best in people, offering to share her time and experiences and how she can best help.
JBS has grown from strength to strength.

Over the last 12 months, Jenny has lead a redesign of her business processes and introduced a customer centric business model. This has been designed and constructed around standard adviser IT solutions and is easily maintainable and sustainable. The new customer centric model starts with industry leading social media and communications processes which attract, engage and retain customers and prospects. The suite of wizards/workflow management tools ensure compliance and business process efficiencies along with a positive customer experience.

Jenny and her team are continuing to improve on the business model and the customer experience. This focus on continuous improvement in a small business is highly commended.

Jenny has undertaken this rejuvenation and the rebuilding of her business without being an ‘IT expert’. She has shown courage, resilience, leadership and strong team building to undertake and successfully implement the end to end business model changes. The team have been integrally involved in all steps along the way including the design, build, test and review of the new business model.

From a dealer group perspective, Jenny has taken a leadership role across the network promoting the changes and flagging any issues which the network may be experiencing. This has always been done in a positive and constructive manner and has ensured that trust and goodwill has built between the adviser network and the licensee.

In addition, Jenny was nominated by her peers, independently selected by licensee management to represent advisers and work with the licensee to design the ‘model practice’. Jenny has offered to share her experiences and intellectual property with the licensee and the adviser network. This demonstration of her generosity and support for the Professional Investment Services group is outstanding and greatly appreciated.

Jenny is also a frequent speaker at industry events, licensee conferences and on social media, speaking about the benefits of this medium within adviser practices. Her innovative and leading use of social media is challenging old world business models and generating high levels of customer satisfaction and retention, plus exceptional volumes of client referrals from which to grow the business. As a result of the efficient customer centric business model, well trained staff and a passion for helping people has resulted in a business with strong margins, good growth and sustainable ie. No longer dependent on any one individual.


Baz Gardner | The Social Adviser – Principal and Founder

It is my belief that Advice will evolve quickly in line with the socialisation of business and this is essential to the future health of our profession. In order for Advice to take pride of place in the center of the value chain of financial services, Advisers will need strong practical leadership. We need innovative and forward thinking Advisers to show that new technology is not a barrier but an enhancement to the relationship building process.

Jenny could be no better representation of both old and new. As someone who has built over a long career, a successful client focused Advice business; she proves that innovation and adaptation are not just for the new Advisers on the block.

Jenny is one of the most giving professionals I have ever met, she is charismatic, interested in others before herself, and inspires the people around her in a confident but also humble way.

As Jenny drives the innovation in her business and shares that innovation with others, she has been asked increasingly to speak publicly. She is an engaging public speaker and knows how to talk the unique language of influence to her fellow Advisers.

As an Adviser Jenny operates an amazing business, it is structured, process driven and run with the purpose of giving exceptional value to its clients. More importantly, the JBS team have begun to master the art of bringing professional and personal together. Her team are excited to come to work every day and the energy and atmosphere of her business culture are truly outstanding.


Keith Abraham | Passionate Performance Inc – Founder and CEO

Over the past 3 years I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Jenny Brown and her business through the work I have done with The Professional Investment Services Dealership Group. During this time I have been fortunate enough to admire the amount of business growth strategies that Jenny has implemented and amazing results Jenny has achieved in her business.

Jenny’s business is a living example of a Financial Planner who gains insights and then implements on the ideas, concepts and strategies she has gained. She is someone who actively takes on-board the ideas that are shared by presenters like myself, her colleagues at the Global and Platinum Groups at Professional Investment Services and from industry leaders that she has connected with at MDRT, FPA, SPAA and the AFA.

As a global professional speaker for the last 18 years, I have seen a lot of speakers, however I have to say that one of the most relevant, relatable, practicable presentations on the use of social media in any SME business was delivered by Jenny at a Platinum Group conference in Kona, Hawaii this year. I was blown away at not only the quality of content but the context in how Jenny delivered it to her colleagues who were equally impressed.

Social Media is an area that most SME’s and more importantly Financial Advisers have been reluctant to use to promote their business, build their profile and connect with their clients, that is not the case with Jenny and her whole team. In my opinion they are setting the industry standard when it comes to the integration of technology, social media and client connection.

Finally, I wish her every success as she continues to be the Industry Lighthouse in this area and continues to pave the road behind her in her quest to be the living example of a Financial Adviser we all want looking after our Financial Affairs.


Craig Devlin | Devlin & Co – Director

I have known Jenny Brown for over 22 years now in a number of capacities. The first as a Strategic Alliance Partner, as her client, as her business mentor for many years, as her Accountant and I also Chair her Board of Advice. I have been privy to the inner workings of Jenny’s business and of Jenny Brown as businesswoman. I have closely observed the growth of the JBS business.

There are many factors that are important to me in referring business to someone and being associated with any business. These are mutual respect, honesty, professionalism, industry knowledge and excellent communication between both parties. These are the fundamental reasons why my relationship with Jenny has gone from strength to strength and continues to do so.

It is important to me to ensure my clients are treated how I would treat them and Jenny Brown delivers on this every time. I have complete confidence my clients will be looked after and I have experienced this first hand as her client.

Jenny is a very strong businesswoman, tenacious, knowledgeable and has built a great business with a strong team. Jenny is very open to feedback and suggestions for improvement, graciously takes this on board and takes action where appropriate. This is why I believe Jenny has achieved such great success and I have no hesitation in recommending Jenny or the JBS business. Congratulations Jenny!


Grahame Evans | Principal – Mente Pty Ltd

I have known Jenny, professionally for some six years having first met her when Professional Investment Services (PIS) acquired the licensee she was authorised to. Jenny has many outstanding attributes and skills which were evident to me early in her relationship with myself and PIS.

Jenny is highly professional, running one of PIS’s best practices. She has the unique combination of strong interpersonal skills, an acute sense of business management and a strong understanding of technology as an enabler to enhance her business and services to her clients.

She is well balanced professionally with the ability to deal with any of the key areas of financial advice such as strategy only, investment, risk, direct equities and SMSF matters at the highest possible level.

She has been a leader amongst her peers contributing heavily in discussing industry matters and is an understated star amongst her peers and deserves all the recognition afforded to her.


Julie Hyde | Distinctive Leadership

I am in a unique situation where I have observed Jenny Brown as a client of JBS, a business partner, a Board of Advice member and an internal business coach of her business.

First and foremost I admire and respect Jenny highly for her business acumen, her absolute commitment for constant improvement and growth and her tenacity to keep going when things get tough.

As a client of JBS for the past 5 years, I could not be happier. My
background is banking and I have worked with many bank Financial Planners. When I left the industry I was reluctant to entrust my wealth with anyone I knew at the time. On first meeting Jenny she gained my trust and I was blown away by the extent she goes to to ensure the right solution is found for her clients. With regular follow up and expert advice you could say I am a raving fan of her business.

Jenny’s in depth knowledge of the full mechanics of her business and her willingness to take herself outside her comfort zone by appointing a Board of Advice for example, allows her to make educated decisions and effectively plan to achieve the great business success that she has. Jenny is solution focused and will tackle obstacles head on, tirelessly working towards a positive outcome.

Jenny is extremely strong on relationship building and dedicates a good part of her time and energy to this. She has established a significant circle of influence of people who admire and respect her. She is also a great mentor to her team and to those that she works with and who seek her help. She is incredible generous and will always be the first to offer her help.


Darren Kelk | Darren Kelk Travel

I went to see Jenny Brown of JBS Financial Strategists as I had left a corporate career where all my insurances and superannuation were taken care of and stepped into my own business. I had no idea where to start to get insurance and super in place for myself.

As soon as I sat down with Jenny, I knew I was in the right place. She carefully established my goals and plans for the future. This process encouraged me to think of things I hadn’t previously and was so valuable for me.

Jenny ensured that any strategy we implemented was the right thing for me and implemented at the right time. As I was a new business, cash flow as a priority and I didn’t want to be stretched. I had total control and understanding of what strategies and future strategies were in place for me.

I found Jenny and the JBS team to be helpful, pleasant and nothing was ever a problem. I have now built up a very strong relationship with Jenny and very happily refer. Throughout the whole process I felt like I was their only client, I felt very important and the communication from the entire business was fantastic. I am pleased to say this still continues to this day.

I feel totally confident in recommending Jenny Brown and JBS Financial Strategists.  Thanks Jenny! It’s been a pleasure.



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